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Hemp 'N' Healthy Lifestyle Consultation

Take control of your health and wellbeing

Charley combines simple, intuitive recipes and wellness methods to help you create new, healthy habits. Through gentle shifts in diet and exercise, you will learn the benefits of being Hemp'N'Healthy.

Are you feeling less than vital?

Do you suffer from low energy? Digestive problems? Extra weight? Trouble sleeping?

I bet you would tell me that you used to feel strong as an ox. Full of pep - every day! Now, simple things that you used to eat can make you feel like dirt for hours, sometimes days, sometimes... Yuck. 

Believe me, I understand. I used to suffer constant aches and pains, I had difficulty digesting just about everything I ate and I didn't want to do much more than lay in bed all day, every day.

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Don't Worry! There's Hope

But what if I told you it didn't have to be that way? What if I told you that wasn't "just a part of getting older" and instead you could wake up feeling fresh, full of energy and ready to enjoy life to the fullest?

Here I am dangling from a circus rig 3 metres in the air and absolutely loving it. I have enough energy to run my handmade pizza business at events late into the night and then wake up and run around with my daughter (who's in primary school) all day. 

It's all thanks to the simple changes I've made in my diet and lifestyle over the past few years. 

Get Your Mojo Back

Would you like to feel this great too? Well you absolutely CAN!

Many people from our generation were brought up in a similar way. We were served rich, heavy foods, told that meat and potatoes were going to keep us strong and healthy and told to "clean our plates" even if we didn't want to. 

Well I'm here to give you permission to try a new way of eating that will transform your life and give you back that old vitality you've been missing. 

But don't worry, you don't have to learn the trapeze! (Unless you want to, of course!) 


What you will receive

Investment is $250 (price per person, GST included)

In home visit

Charley will travel to your home to meet with you. This is so he can review your daily routine and make suggestions so you can create healthy habits.

Pantry analysis

Together, you will review the items that you eat every day and Charley will provide a grocery list of items to keep stocked in your pantry and refrigerator.

Recipe tutorial

Charley will walk you through some basic healthy recipes that you can incorporate into your daily routine based on foods you love and have available using tools you have in your own kitchen.

Exercise suggestions

Charley will provide a gentle and easy to follow movement method for supporting your new healthy habits.

Follow up

Charley will follow up after 2 weeks to see how your new habits are developing. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and make tweaks under Charley's guidance.


Ready to feel healthy?

Book your consultation now!

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